Right To Die

As an obituary writer on the dead beat, I always thought I was writing about life not death. Death was only the precipitating incident to explore human character in all its variety—the noble as well as the sinister, the achievements as well as the foibles. But as the movement to legalize physician assisted death gained traction in Quebec and then slowly in the rest of the country, I became fascinated by the bravery of people who were determined to have autonomy and choices over the end of their lives. I began writing about people for whom life had become tyrannical and who wanted the law changed so others wouldn’t have to suffer the way they had.

Here’s a link to a long feature I wrote about an Ontario woman named Kim Teske. Afflicted with Huntington’s Disease, she wanted to die before the disease consumed her. Kim’s Choice was a finalist for a national newspaper award in 2014 and won several online citations and prizes.

After leaving The Globe in 2014, I continued to write freelance for the newspaper. Here’s a link to a story about Grant Crosbie, an advertising executive suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and his wife’s loving but desperate attempt to find appropriate care for him.

I also began writing a monthly column called The Long Goodbye for The Globe, beginning with the importance of having a will. My first column used the sudden death of Philip Seymour Hoffman as a lead in to the mistakes people often make about estate planning.

Another column dealt playfully with leaving masses of dubious treasures for your next of kin.

And of course I followed the legal arguments leading to the unanimous Supreme Court decision in February 2015 that declared the Criminal Code prohibitions against assisted suicide were unconstitutional.

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2018:  Three years after The Supreme Court Decision that legalized Medically Assisted Death, a retrospective look at what we have accomplished and how much we still have to do.